Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Lab In charge: Mrs. SHASHI GANDHAR

Lab Attendant: Mr. RAVI VERMA


About Lab :

Power system lab comprises of protection, simulation, high voltage and machine related. Facilities are available for overcurrent, under voltage, directional, differential and distance relays including different numerical relays.Students can directly measure the characteristics of fundamental components used in electric power engineering and study the operation of electric power systems. In the lab experiments the instructor can teach students effectively about the real electric power systems: operation, technical limitation, and safety issues.The laboratory contains the hardware and software used by industry professionals in the creation and maintenance of power systems giving students the opportunity to develop the skills and experience that will aid them in the work field.The lab comes equipped with all the fundamental equipment needed for experiments involving electric power systems. The equipment available to students in the lab includes fundamental devices of electric power systems, such as transformers, electrical machines, power passive components, and power electronic converters.