Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Lab In charge – Mr. Sandeep Sharma

Lab Attendant – Mr. Suneel Kumar



About Lab :

 The Circuits & Systems laboratory has 5 fully equipped setup benches to carry out numerous fundamental experiments. The experiments are designed to expose students to the practical executions of the fundamental theories of Electrical Engineering.Some of the experiments carried out in this lab as a part of the ETEE107 curriculum are SINGLE PHASE TRANSFORMERS, 3-PHASE POWER MEASUREMENT, AC/DC MOTORS, SPEED CONTROL AND THEIR CHARACTERISTICS and SINGLE PHASE MOTORS.Each experimental bench is equipped with variable AC and DC power supplies with adequate protections, which enables students to carry out the experiments in an electrically safe environment. The lab is equipped with energy meters, power meters, voltage meters, ammeters, various size and type of transformers, various types and sizes of motors. Students may simultaneously work out the solution on the PCs using MATLAB and see exactly how the theoretical and practical observation differ.